By Daniel Hunter

There is a significant gap between the needs of digitally-savvy workers and the digital services provided by their employees, according to research by Fujitsu.

In the report Digital Inside Out, 73% of UK employees said that digital is vital to the future success of the business. But only 45% feel they are provided with access to the technology services and applications they need to do their job sufficiently and 29% state that their ability to do their job is being hindered due to poor digital services.

Fujitsu found that digital services bring significant benefits to a business and its employees. Those surveyed identified the ability to work remotely (57%), real time access to information (50%) and saving time (46%) as clear advantages of digital services; all of which boost productivity and efficiency — something businesses clearly cannot afford to hinder.

Nearly seven in ten (67%) said their business should invest more in technology services and applications in the next two years. But only 55% of employees believe they get the most value from the technology services and applications available to them with the main barriers being a lack of training (50%), a lack of awareness of what services are available (42%) and too little time, with 33% agreeing it is often quicker to bypass technology.

Michael Keegan, CEO, Fujitsu UK & Ireland, said: “Today’s employees are well informed and understand the benefits digital can bring to them in the workplace.

“Outside of the workplace, they have constant access to high-quality consumer digital services and they therefore have expectations that the digital services they use for work should match this. Employees are comfortable with using digital services but this enthusiasm will only thrive and prove a tool for business growth if it is matched by a continued focus on quality, effectiveness and crucially, training in the workplace.

“There is no question that digital has had a significant impact on business.

“The rapid adoption of technology by consumers has led to organisations creating and delivering digital services to their customers at a rapid pace. This research suggests that employees have been left behind in the race to deliver digital. Now is the time for these organisations to integrate their digital offering front and back of house to capitalise on the opportunities available. When staff are as enabled as their customers, organisations will truly reap the financial and efficiency rewards of a digital first business”.