By Jonathan Davies

British businesses have a duty to shout about the benefits of being part of the EU and the risks associated with leaving, according to the chairman of Business for New Europe.

Responding to reports that Prime Minister David Cameron is urging businesses not to show support for the UK remaining in the EU, Business for New Europe chairman Roland Rudd said: “UK business has a clear obligation to talk about the implications of Brexit and why, in the main, they favour EU membership."

Ahead of launching its own pro-EU campaign next month, Mr Rudd added: “It is hugely supportive of the government’s willingness to accelerate the reform process and has every confidence that it will be successful.”

It is understood that the Prime Minister wants businesses to keep a lid on their thoughts, at least for now, while he continues negotiations over the UK's membership. He believes that businesses speaking about the benefits could undermine his negotiations with EU leaders.