By Claire West

Despite advancements in mobile phone handsets, SMEs prefer to buy models that offer the best battery life and durability, according to research released by telecoms provider Daisy Group and customer creation specialist B2Group.

Survey results reveal the top three factors SMEs consider when looking for a new handset are ease of use, battery life and durability of the phone, suggesting reliability is more important than owning the latest handset. Email and wi-fi connectivity, were fourth and fifth choice in the survey.

The study also found that when it came to deciding on which supplier deal is best for their business, firms opt for those that provide ease of switching over the texts and internet minutes they are offered.

Other factors businesses looks at when considering a new mobile phone deal are keeping existing numbers and customer service, as well as inclusive minutes for the line rental, cross-network minute offers and mobile to landline call offers.

Stuart Cordingley, of Daisy Group, said:

“The results of the research have shed some interesting light on how businesses go about acquiring their phone deals. Even with all the new hi-tech handsets on the market it would seem that practicality and durability win out over having ‘the next big thing’. Phone providers and networks should sit up and take notice that there is still a very big market out there for reliable and easy-to-use phones and networks - don’t just be sucked in to whatever the latest craze happens to be.”

Jeremy Whitaker, CEO, B2Group, said:

“All network and mobile phone providers should invest in taking a closer look at what SMEs are looking for when they are shopping around for new mobile phone deals. Knowledge is power and by understanding what businesses want, suppliers can offer them what they are looking for first time around.”

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