By Marcus Leach

John Cridland, the director general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), has warned that the UK is currently 'in a bad place, with confidence evaporating'.

However, Mr Cridland went on to say that British businesses can rescue the country from the current economic mess it finds itself in.

With consumers and the government cutting back on their spending it is, in the eyes of Mr Cridland, business investment and exports that will lead to British jobs.

Speaking ahead of the annual CBI conference, which takes place on Monday, Mr Cridland said it was a lack of confidence hindering British businesses.

"They are not poor, they just don't have the confidence to invest," he told the BBC.

"The political problem is draining confidence from businesses.

"If we could resolve the eurozone crisis we could get back on a growth path.

"For me, the harder the times, the deeper you dig for the solutions that work."

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