By Daniel Hunter

A third of businesses are placing themselves at risk by relying on out-of-date software, a new study from MSM Software warns.

In addition, the survey shows that 40 per cent of businesses do not have sufficient resource to support existing systems; a telling factor in why software is not being kept up-to-date.

“Organisations are gambling on the capabilities of their current software and this must change. In today’s challenging climate the quality and efficiency of IT is more critical to business success than ever before," Thomas Coles, managing director at MSM Software, said.

“My concern is that organisations are placing themselves at danger because they do not truly understand that ageing software greatly increases the potential for system failure. This can introduce unexpected panic, confusion and turmoil into the company, which can have huge repercussions in terms of lost sales, revenue, custom and reputation.

“These statistics underline how imperative it is that businesses understand the efficiency of their existing software; this can be achieved through technical audits or system health checks, which provide vital insight into how to improve performance.”

With almost half of businesses lacking the resources to maintain existing systems, MSM Software also warns that organisations need greater support for their IT.

Thomas explains, “It’s no surprise that so many organisations fail to maintain software, with such limited support available. To address this, businesses must carefully consider what resources are required to ensure that systems are fully supported and can operate at an optimum level.

“This may require fresh resourcing strategies, such as outsourcing the IT function, or body shopping, where a business loans the technical expertise of an organisation’s employee. These approaches can prove essential to ensuring the quality and efficiency of business software, and ultimately business success.”

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