By Claire West

CT Business Travel, one of the UK’s leading business travel agents is rolling out new and improved management reporting tools providing client’s greater control.

CT Business Travel is a business constantly investing in and developing its client offer, demonstrating its position as a leader in providing outstanding UK travel management services.

CT Business Travel’s recent technology developments which are currently being rolled out to new and existing clients is a clear example of this leadership position.

Its new enhanced management reporting tools have been developed completely in-house based on feedback collated from staff members of CT Business Travel’s operational team who use the systems on a daily basis. In addition, CT Business Travel has also worked very closely with client partners to better understand their needs and identify what improvements and additions could be made.

The area that has received most attention is CT Business Travel’s management reporting tools. It is these tools that provide both CT Business Travel and its clients a way to closely monitor and track the expenditure of the various business trips clients book.

The reporting tools can also be tailored to each individual client so they are able to run reports by a multitude of options that suit the way they operate. For example, running reports so they can analyse spend by a specific departure date or travel period, by a particular destination or perhaps using a client’s specific purchase order numbering system.

Having greater access to such data gives clients more control of the budgets they spend on their business travel arrangements. One new benefit is these reports will show booking patterns which could lead to identifying other ways in which to make savings. This new reporting software could also identify if clients budgets are being spent in particular areas, CT Business Travel could then approach suppliers to negotiate better client deals for future bookings.

Mark Kempster, Managing Director of CT Business Travel commented, “Our new reporting software is a fantastic development, allowing our clients the opportunity to create bespoke reporting that is specific to their business and gives them greater control. These systems also provided other benefits to us and our clients, such as being able to quickly identify passenger locations should an unforeseen event happen, such as the ash cloud problem we had earlier this year. Having these tools to hand means CT Business Travel and clients can react more quickly and take decisive action to resolve problems like this”.

Kempster continued, “whilst we have just upgraded our reporting tools, we are already working on our next development, one of those is to enable clients to start managing the other spend associated with business trips, such as employees travel expenses. Having this information means companies will know precisely how much each and every business trip actually costs down to the last penny”.

The reports can be provided in a number of different ways. For clients whose business travel is fairly infrequent, simple reports can be printed and posted. Some clients receive their reports via email in PDF format, whilst larger clients have their own secure log-in to the system tools directly.

There are no charges for the custom reporting CT Business Travel offer its clients as it’s simply viewed as another USP which adds to their overall proposition.

CT Business Travel is an award winning corporate travel agency located in Tunbridge Wells providing corporate travel services to clients across the UK and overseas, for further information telephone +44 (0)1892 673 427.