By Claire West

What role does luck play in the success of a business? Do we make our own luck through hard work or is it down to just ‘good luck'?

Hiscox, the specialist insurer, in partnership with The Royal Institution (RI), is hosting a lively debate entitled ‘Business success: what’s luck got to do with it?’ on Wednesday 6 March 2013.

Hosted by writer and broadcaster Vivienne Parry the event features;

Sarah Curran CEO of, the online fashion retailer.

Douglas Miller an international trainer, speaker and author, specialising in motivation, team-building and positive thinking.

Stephann Makri a Research Associate at UCL Interaction Centre

Matthew Smith a senior lecturer in psychology at Buckinghamshire New University.

His research interests include positive psychology and the psychology of luck.

This one-off debate to determine if businesses succeed by being in the right place at the right time or through sheer determination normally costs £10 to attend but if you enter ‘Hiscox’ in to the promotional code box you’ll get a £2 discount -