By Max Clarke

Achievement was found to be ‘good’ or outstanding’ for 2 in 3 secondary schools’ business courses; while 30 or 39 vocational business schools were found to have ‘serious problems’ in their courses and teaching.

These are the varied findings from an in-depth evaluation of the country’s business and enterprise teaching establishments and courses carried out by the Government’s education regulators, Ofsted.

Evaluating 370 lessons from a total of 28 primary, 100 secondary and 39 vocational schools, the in report found that the approach to business teaching across the schools was satisfactory, though a range of weaknesses were exposed.

Chief amongst the weaknesses was a lack of opportunity for students to interact with business owners and employers. Teachers’ use of questioning to deepen and to test students’ understanding was also deemed insufficient.

The result has been students’ inability to apply concepts learned in school to more abstract contexts, and an overdependence on what may be considered ‘parrot learning’.

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