By Max Clarke

Fresh Business Thinking brings you a selection of the most significant and most popular stories from the week.

Monday 23rd: Flights cancelled due to ash cloud

Tourists and business travellers were once again faced with uncertainty as the ash cloud from Iceland’s latest major eruption edged closer to UK and European airspace.

Around 500 flights were cancelled on Monday, but the cloud had all but dispersed by Tuesday morning.

Last year, Europe was thrown into disarray after an estimated 100,000 flights were cancelled as a cloud of fine ash from Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano choked the Continent's airspace.

Tuesday 24th: Osama Bin Laden appreciates comedy

The Irish comedy writer behind Father Ted and the IT Crowd demonstrated the power of social media in spreading information- albeit false.

The deceased Al Qaeda chief was, joked Graham Linehan, a fan of popular Channel 4 comedy, the IT Crowd after US Navy SEALs discovered video tapes in his Abbottabad compound.

Wednesday 25th: Twitter users could face legal action

The popular micro-blogging site again found itself grabbing headlines across the world after European boss, Tony Wang, declared that users disseminating information controlled by the use of injunctions could face legal action.

The news of course followed the furore over Giggs’ injunction barring news of his affair with a reality TV ‘star’.

Thursday 26th: Vince Cable announces major investment in green technology

Business Secretary, Vince Cable, announced a £200 million investment package to stimulate Britain’s green economy.

Thousands of jobs are expected to be created in industries and in research surrounding the growing green green economy.

“In creating an Offshore Renewable Energy technology and innovation centre we are taking the next step to transforming the UK into a low carbon economy,” said Cable.

Friday 27th: Consumer confidence bounces back

Despite persistent high inflation and pay freezes squeezing British householders’ incomes, consumer confidence climbed at its highest rate for more than 17 years.

In recent months, however, it had fallen to its lowest point and the causes and effects of this recent climb are not yet known.