Liam FoxLiam Fox has said that businessmen and women are too fat, and play golf on a Friday afternoon instead of working – according to a survey we carried out among our readers, you are not impressed. Mr Fox didn’t even get the sport right, even if people did play sport on a Friday, which they don’t, then they are more likely to go cycling than play golf.

Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade and President of the Board of Trade recently said that Britain is "too lazy and too fat" and businessmen and women prefer "golf on a Friday afternoon" than working. So we asked you, our readers, what you thought.

First things first, not only was he wrong about the Friday skive, even if he was right, he would have got the sport wrong. No less than 66% of respondents to our survey said that business people work on a Friday afternoon, only 3% thought they played golf, and 28% thought they get up to other activities. (3% said nothing).

Besides, only 17% of respondents play golf anyway, 38% cycle and 45% do neither.

It turns out that 31% of you think Mr Fox is right and business people are too fat, but 69% disagree. And 76% of you said you don’t take a few hours off on a Friday, just 24% of you said that you did.

But 57% of you agree with the statement that business people work long hours, including weekends, with early starts, they deserve a Friday break.

But what do you think of Mr Fox? 59% of you were offended by his remarks, 62% think he is unfit for his job and 55% think he should resign.

On the other hand, of course, this means that 45% of you think he shouldn’t resign, 38% don’t think he is unfit for his job, and 41% were not offended by his remarks, and 43% of you don’t think business people deserve a break on a Friday afternoon.