By Max Clarke

The UK’s brightest business brains have 100 bright ideas every year, but no time to turn their eureka moments into a commercial reality.

That’s according to a survey of 4,500 MBAs and business professionals from the UK and around the world who are slaves to their BlackBerrys rather than their brainchildren.

62% of those polled by MBA & Company say they have 100 great business ideas a year but half of those don't follow them up because they are too busy.

The majority admit to never switching off their smartphones, with 1 in 3 constantly monitoring their emails and working at weekends.

“It’s quite a sad state of affairs when the cream of business brains don’t have the time to let their ideas free,” says Daniel Callaghan, managing director of MBA & Company, which runs a global network of MBAs and PhDs from the world’s best business schools.

“With our membership alone, we are talking about 500,000 ideas going to waste each year.”

“If money were the only barrier to success, I’m sure that the right bright idea could overcome that, but time is not a commodity."

“Unfortunately, technology also means that precious time for personal projects and ‘thinking time’ away from the day job is rarer than ever."

MBA & Company has built a reputation as the world’s leading talent broker in the MBA marketplace, levelling the playing field in the war for talent by making the best candidates accessible to businesses of all sizes.

The survey also showed solidarity between MBAs, with only 12% saying they would not look at fellow MBAs from their own school as a business partner. For life partners, the opposite was true, with 12% getting together at business school.

"MBA & Company actually helps MBAs to work on their own entrepreneurial ideas," says Callaghan.

"One of our Harvard MBAs, and McKiney alumni, is now working remotely on two projects, meaning he has the salary and flexible work to enable him to pursue his business dreams."