600px-Burqini Image: Giorgio Montersino

The bans on burkini swimsuits in France have caused a considerable boost in sales, according to the women credited with creating the design.

Australian designer Aheda Zanetti said online sales of the full-bodied clothing has increased by 200%, from both Muslim and non-Muslim women.

Ms Zanetti said the inspiration behind the garment was to give Muslim women the confidence to step out to public pools and beaches and embrace the Australian beach lifestyle.

Speaking to The Guardian, the 48-year-old from Sydney said the creation of the burkini was “to give women freedom, not to take it away”.

The swimsuit, which combines “burqa” with “bikini”, usually receives between 10 and 12 orders on a typical Sunday. However, Ms Zanetti told Agence France-Presse that on a recent Sunday, she received an increase of 60 orders, all of them non-Muslim.

Earlier this month, France’s Prime Minister backed the banning of burkini swimsuits after a series of French towns announced they were banning the garments following brutal extremist attacks.

A town in Upper Corsica, Disco, became the third to ban the swimsuit after five people were injured in a beach brawl which began after locals began taking pictures of North African families wearing the full-bodied burkinis.

Those who wear burkinis in towns where the ban has been enforced face fines under the new rules.

Wealthly Algerian entrepreneur Rachid Nekkaz has offered to pay for people charged the fine and has already paid for three women who choose to defy the law. Opposing of the ban, Mr Nekkaz says he believes within a democracy, nobody should be prevented from wearing the clothes they want to.