By Paul Thomas, Managing Director of Lead Forensics

Established in 2008 by co-founders Paul Thomas & Henry Braithwaite, Lead Forensics is an award-winning b2b online lead generation company.

The business specialises in website analytics software that allows users to obtain detailed real-time information on visitors to their website. The technology has become a real asset to the new business, customer and sales processes for many SMEs across industry from manufacturing, corporate hospitality, to publishing, finance and professional services.

For the last three years the company has featured within The Sunday Times 100 Best Places to Work (Small Business category); a true testament to the real entrepreneurial gusto and spirit of its two founders who are committed to fostering a professional and driven ethos throughout the company and across all of its touch-points.

Paul Thomas, Managing Director, 29 says: “People are our biggest asset and so it is very important that we invest a massive amount in them. It’s not just about paying a good wage, which we do, but it’s also about engaging them fully in the business and making sure that every person can have an impact on the performance of the business. Twice a week we have an all company meeting, people know how their role fits into the bigger picture. I think that’s a very strong part of what we do.

“Everybody at Lead Forensics is very hungry. We have a real entrepreneurial feel around the business. One of our major USPs is our five-tier career development path. Everybody starts at the same entry point, and if you’re on track you can gain a promotion every six months. Perks are offered with promotions such as flexitime, dual screens and lap-tops - and even a trip to Paul Smith for a new suit. Individual performance is also rewarded by an invite to dinner with the managing director and management board. We provide a real atmosphere that suits hungry sales people. This is not an environment for someone who wants to come in and do 9 to 5 hours with no passion for their job.”

People who choose to work at Lead Forensics have taken the healthy option. They are served by a healthy food delivery company, get sessions to help stop smoking and there is personal mentoring from managing director Paul Thomas for those trying to lose weight.

A recent independent employee *survey revealed that 92% of Lead Forensics’ staff said their health isn't suffering because of work. Although staff might tire themselves out in the weekly football match - with one side captained by Thomas and the other by fellow co-founder Henry Braithwaite - they don't come home exhausted from work most days (69%). There is little work-related stress (88%) and people aren't worried about the company's future (82%).

All staff are completely clear about what is expected of them (88%). People say their bosses don't dodge any issues in order to avoid conflict (83%) and help them fulfil their potential (82%). Everyone feels fairly paid relative to others in the organisation (74%). In conclusion employees feel inspired by the joint company leaders (89%), and their deadlines are realistic (82%).

(*The Sunday Times 100 Best Places to Work - Small Business category)

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