By Simon Middleton

Brand expert Simon Middleton has joined the band of millionaire mentors at James Caan’s Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy (EBA).

He will be advising entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to create the most effective brand strategies and has devised a unique plan for building a brand during a recession.

Mr Middleton, who is the author of Build a Brand in 30 Days and has advised British Airways, Barclays, Aviva, Prêt A Manger and The Broads National Park on branding, will be explaining to EBA businessmen that they should increase their marketing activities during recession and that they should consider increasing their prices.

“In a recession everybody goes price-cutting crazy, but whilst that will generally give a short term sales boost it can also do long term damage to your brand, dragging you into commodity hell. If your brand really wants to win a place in the psyche of the market place, being cheap isn’t necessarily going to help,” said Mr Middleton.

And concerning marketing he said: “The convention in recession is to cut marketing budgets. It happens all the time. But marketing efforts will lead you out of the recession. Cutting marketing first is like giving away your shoes! I would never suggest that marketing budgets shouldn’t be reviewed and made to work harder for every penny. But don’t just slash at them and think you are helping your brand!”

Bev James, the co-founder of the EBA said: “It’s great to have a brand expert of Simon’s calibre on board. He is a prime asset for the Academy and our customers will benefit greatly from his input.”