By Marcus Leach

The National Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has called on the Government to create a country fit for entrepreneurs in its Budget due next week.

Speaking to delegates in his opening speech at the FSB’s Annual Conference in Liverpool, National Chairman John Walker said that small businesses are key to sustaining economic recovery across the UK and urged the Government to ensure that next weeks Budget had the needs of small firms at its core calling for:

- The extension of the national insurance contributions holiday to include existing businesses.
- The introduction of a fuel duty stabiliser to help firms’ cash-flow.

He also highlighted the FSB’s key achievements since the Coalition Government came to power including: a commitment to reduce regulation, including the exemption of micro-businesses from time to train legislation; the extension of the Enterprise Finance Guarantee and the re-introduction of the Enterprise Allowance Fund as well as a commitment from central government to make the procurement process simpler.

And, as elections across local authorities in England and the devolved countries approach, Mr Walker urged members to go back to their constituencies and put the message to local and devolved government’s that the small business community is integral to generating wealth and prosperity, but it needs a helping hand.

The Government has committed to making the procurement process easier for small firms around the country — but for many, these promises won’t have an effect until local governments follow suit and make the same commitments.