By Claire West

The Government’s strategy to support the creative industries — announced in the Budget — has the potential to make the UK a world leader, according to KPMG.

Industries that will benefit from this new structure include film, music, television, interactive digital entertainment and all ancillary services, including high speed broadband

Measures announced in ‘The Plan for Growth’ include:

•Support for the establishment of a Creative Industries Council — to provide a voice for the sector in the financial community and encourage investment

•A strategy to improve skills in the sector — through apprenticeships and university learning

•Investment in superfast broadband as an enabler of business
David Elms, Head of Media at KPMG, said:

“For too long the UK creative sector has won international acclaim by picking up Oscars and BAFTAs but has not been properly recognised - or rewarded - for its endeavours and the enormous pools of talent that are based here.

“There is much work to be done - but the announcements from the Government are a step in the right direction in stimulating an industry that has huge potential for growth and UK employment.

“The UK needs to be positioned to take a leading role on the global stage across a range of creative industries so that it can rightly take its fair share of reward for home grown talent and capability.”