BT has promised to speed-up the rollout of faster broadband and provide a minimum standard of internet access.

It comes as BT faces huge criticism over its dominance of the UK's broadband market.

Ofcom is currently conducting a review of the market, following complaints from the likes of Sky and TalkTalk. Currently, Sky and TalkTalk can only provide internet access by using BT's existing network.

Gavin Patterson, the chief executive of BT, said a “collaborative effort across industry and government” would result in BT providing at least 5-10Mbps - enough carry out popular internet tasks - to every home in the UK by 2020. By the same time, it has pledged to deliver ultrafast broadband of 300Mbps-500Mbps to 10 million homes and small businesses.

“We want to forge an ultrafast future for Britain and stand ready to help government deliver the broadband speeds necessary for every property to enjoy modern day internet services, such as high-definition TV streaming and cloud computing,” Mr Patterson said.

“To achieve this, we need a collaborative effort across industry and government.”

A Sky spokesperson said: “For years, BT has been under-investing and delivering poor quality service for customers. What the British broadband market urgently needs is radical reform, not calculated manoeuvring and caveats to protect BT’s self-interest. Only a truly independent Openreach will unlock the investment, innovation and competition required to deliver the digital connectivity of the future.”