Image: BT Sport Image: BT Sport

BT has reported a 15% rise in profits for the year to £3.03 billion, following greater demand for its broadband and TV packages.

Sales rose 6% to £19bn annually. Although not yet fully integrated, EE contributed £1.06bn to the overall total.

BT said its Consumer business - which covers services like broadband and TV - saw a 7% rise in sales to £4.6bn, with the number of TV subscribers rising 28% to 1.5 million. Its sports coverage also saw a 45% in viewers, driven largely by its exclusive broadcast of the UEFA Champions League and Europa League.

The company also outlined plans to invest £6bn to introduce "ultrafast" broadband to 12 million properties by 2020. The average household in the UK received download speeds of 29Mbps in 2015 - but BT said the new ultrafast "" service will offers speeds of around 300Mbps, with the ability to reach up to 500Mbps.

BT chief executive Gavin Patterson said: "Customers want their broadband to be affordable as well as fast and we will be able to do that using"

He also said the acquisition of EE was "going well".

"We now see the opportunity to deliver more synergies than we originally expected, and at a lower cost," he said.

Earlier this year, BT was ordered by Ofcom to open-up its cable networks to competitors. The communications giant had faced a wave of calls from competitors to break-off its Openreach business, which manages its network infrastructure. Rivals claimed BT and Openreach had underinvested in networks which had resulted in poor services for customers. But rather that split the two companies, Ofcom ordered BT to give its competitors access to the networks to allow them to lay their own cables.