John Lewis (2)

British people are more likely to want a job at a company they already shop with, according to new research by LinkedIn.

Based on the actions of 20 million of its users in the UK, LinkedIn revealed that John Lewis is the most sought-after employer in the country. It was joined in the top five by Virgin Media, Harrods Google and PA Consulting Group.

Among the top 25 were brands like ASOS, Amazon, Burberry, Dixons Carphone, Sainsbury's, Selfridges, Arcadia, House of Fraser and Marks and Spencer - suggesting that the places people shop has an impact on their dream workplace.

Harriet Hounsell, personnel director at John Lewis said: “It’s a real honour to be named the most sought after employer in the UK. As a business that is owned by our Partners, attracting top talent to join us is integral to our success. It’s wonderful to know that potential new Partners are taking the time to interact with John Lewis on LinkedIn, a key platform for us, in order to get a sense for our brand.”

Dan Dackombe, director of LinkedIn Talent Solutions EMEA, said: “In order to compete for the best candidates, employers today need to ensure they’re investing in their employer brand so the right talent can find them. Companies like John Lewis and the others in LinkedIn’s Top Attractors list are setting the benchmark for what it looks like to successfully engage their employees and develop an effective employer brand.”

Research from LinkedIn also revealed that 78% of UK workers would not tolerate a bad working culture, even if it meant working for the top company in their industry. Flexible and remote working are the most important non-financial perk for 44% of professionals. Just under a quarter (24%) would even trade a higher salary for more flexibility. However, despite the appeal of an attractive culture and benefits, salary is still the biggest consideration for employees in the UK with nearly half (49%) rating it as an important factor when weighing up career opportunities.