By Daniel Hunter

British workers are too afraid to start their own business, according to research by SMB website building and hosting brand, Moonfruit.

It seems that Britain is a nation of aspiring entrepreneurs, but 56% said the fear of failure stops them from starting their own business.

The survey of 2,000 workers showed that it's not a lack of ideas that is putting off people from starting their business. Fifty-six percent of those surveyed said they have had at least one business idea, with 22% saying they've had at least two.

A lack of financial backing (21%) tops the list of obstacles stopping people from creating their own business and nearly one in ten say they fear the words, “I told you so” (8%) as a reason for not making their ideas materialise.

Wendy Tan White, CEO and co-founder of Moonfruit, commented: “Starting a business can be a daunting prospect but I really urge budding entrepreneurs to give it a go. So many people come up with ideas but never act on them, and who’s to say we don’t have the next Emma Bridgewater or James Dyson in our midst?

“Moonfruit has had its ups and downs - we’ve experienced our own failures in the past but it’s shouldn’t be something that stops you from trying and can actually help you to become a stronger, more confident entrepreneur. If you’ve got a passion you want to turn into a business, don’t be afraid. We’ve seen thousands of customers do just that, transforming their lives by creating successful businesses all over the UK.”

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