By Marcus Leach

A report released by Billmonitor, the Ofcom approved bill-analysis service, has shown that on average Britons waste almost £200 a year on their mobile phones.

In the survey they analysed more than 28,000 mobile phone bills and discovered the following:

- 76% of UK post-pay customers are on the wrong contract, wasting on average £194.71 each per year.

- 52% of those on the wrong contract are on a tariff that's too large for them, using on average just one quarter of their monthly calling allowance.

- 29% of those on the wrong contract are on too small a tariff, wasting money on out of allowance calls, texts, data usage as well as other costs that could be reduced with a larger tariff.

- 19% have the right level of inclusive minutes but are wasting money by not optimising free benefits, data & text allowances as well as other costs, or taking advantage of lower costs from 24 month contracts.

"Everything is expensive when you go over your allowance," said Dr Stelios Koundouros, one of Billmonitor's founders.

"However, the over-compensation of a four times bigger contract that at least half of those on the wrong contract are getting, that's not a rational response."