By Claire West

Tweak.com, an innovative new web-based design platform aimed at small to medium sized businesses has launched today. Tweak.com will bring the services of professional designers to the desktops of Britain’s four million small business owners and aims to give them a cost saving of almost 80% compared to traditional suppliers, an estimated saving of £240m per year for British SMEs.

From business cards, brochures and letter heads, to door hangers, flyers and menus, Tweak allows businesses to design, customise and print a whole raft of marketing and branded materials. The website also allows users to create their own print advertising and then resize it to the exact specification of every national and regional newspaper at the click of a button.

The site features over 400,000 individual designs, each which has been specifically created for Tweak by award winning artworkers, copywriters and pre-press technicians from the UK, Ireland and the US. The site enables businesses to use their existing logos, branding and photography in their designs or select from the range of stock photography available on Tweak. Start-up businesses can even create their own logo from scratch if they wish using the Tweak logo-builder.

Key features of Tweak.com include:

Simple and quick to use

Users need no previous design experience to create high quality outputs

Around the clock capabilities to create and edit business designs and materials

World’s largest inventory of customised creative designs

Able to calculate the cost of placing the display advertising using the rate card calculator

Once a design has been created, users can opt to receive a digital proof or choose from a variety of cost-effective print options available on the site. Businesses are also able to enjoy the benefit of low minimum print runs of just 50 copies, allowing business owners to test marketing ideas and segment for different audiences all at a fraction of the cost compared to usual suppliers

Said Jerry Kennelly, Founder of Tweak: “SMEs are the life blood of the UK business community and in this economic climate it is essential that they maximise every cost saving tool at their disposal in order to succeed. We know how busy small business owners are and in Tweak we have created a user friendly interface which allows them to have absolute control over their branding and makes them look as professional as larger brands at a fraction of the cost.

“The ability to save this amount of money is neither a criticism of SMEs nor the design community as such an innovative solution has never before existed. I am confident that each community will welcome Tweak.”