By Daniel Hunter

Making smartphone accessories here in the UK may seem neither sane nor sensible in the light of the Chinese onslaught. But hurtling its way from the innovative labs of a Lake District company to phone users across the world is Gripsta.

Gripsta is a quirky desk top phone holder that works in lots of different ways with all leading smartphone brands. "This vividly coloured foam gadget may not embody the latest cutting edge nano-technology, but nonetheless it’s pretty darn useful."

“This is far from being just a gimmick,” insists Cat Stables, the firm’s marketing manager. “It holds your phone upright on your desk or bedside table, you can angle it in either portrait or landscape, you can tuck it under your ear, and it makes texting a whole lot easier.”
“Our users are reporting that while indoors they never have their phones out of their Gripstas.”

Gripsta comes from the specialist foam company Urofoam Ltd — who design and make products ranging from components for Koenigsegg Sports cars, bits for high tech lightweight robots, to ear plugs for horses (really!)

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