By Jonathan Davies

The owner of British Gas has announced plans to cut 6,000 jobs after reporting a doubling of profits for the energy firm.

Centrica said it would make the cuts through redundancies, but create around 2,000 jobs in areas of the business that are experiencing strong growth.

In the first half of 2015, British Gas reported profits of £528m, up from £265m in the same period last year. But Centrica's overall profits fell 3% to £1 billion.

Centrica has been conducting a strategic review of the business over the past five months, and is understood to focus more on British Gas than actual energy production. The British Gas owner said profits were boosted by increased gas consumption during a colder first half of 2015 than 2014.

British Gas has already announced a 5% cut in prices and chief executive Iain Conn said another will be announced later this year. That is estimated to save households an average £72 per year.