By Marcus Leach

UK based carbon management company has announced a major milestone in their plans to extend their project base in East Africa.

Tanzania is the latest in the list of Sub Saharan African countries to benefit from the co2blance's innovative energy efficient stove projects, with two new projects becoming officially listed with the Gold Standard.

The listing process marks the projects as meeting all the required standards in terms of genuine carbon reduction, together with outstanding benefits to the communities in which they are based.

The two project areas, Arusha, near Mount Kilimanjaro and Tanga on the Tanzanian coast will together help around forty thousand families with the provision of energy efficient stoves, that halve the amount of wood the family requires for cooking.

This in turn has a dramatic reduction of 70% in smoke pollution within the family house, a cause of serious respiratory infection that kills more children in east Africa than malaria.

Over the initial seven year cycle of the projects they are expected to reduce carbon emissions by over 800,000 tonnes, a process that will be funded by businesses choosing to offset some of their own carbon emissions by supporting these poor communities.

“Our business plan is to be recognised as the leader in stove technology for carbon reduction," Mark Simpson , managing director for co2balance, said.

"Expanding into Tanzania brings our count to six countries in Africa with listed and registered projects, with the Indian subcontinent coming on stream next year. We have a model now that has been refined over a number of years that we can repeat rapidly as areas of need are identified and funding is secured."

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