By Max Clarke

A leading UK entrepreneur is creating history by taking on the ultimate Twitter challenge — tweeting the entire contents of his 71,000 word book - the first time such a feat has been attempted!

Nigel Botterill, the UK entrepreneur who has helped over 2,000 people set up in business over the past seven years through his franchise operations decided to set himself the challenge to coincide with the publication of his new book entitled, ‘The Botty Rules.’

With over 16,000 followers, Nigel is already a well known presence on Twitter, but this challenge will ensure that he is the most committed Twitter user ever!

Tweeting once every 20 minutes, round the clock, it will take just over 45 days to publish the entire text on Twitter.

He said, “Social media is an important part of our business and I wanted to set the challenge to do something that has not been done before. People post regular updates and thoughts on Twitter, but no one has Tweeted an entire book before. I hope the project will prove inspirational as the boundaries continue to be pushed on what can be achieved through Twitter and other social media channels.”

About Nigel Botterill and the Botty Rules

Nigel Botterill had a successful corporate career: six figure salary, bonuses, the works.

Then, in November 2002, a meeting didn’t go to plan and he found himself out of a job. On the way home to tell his wife the news, he took the decision to never be employed again.

The Botty Rules is the story of what happened next. How, after several false starts, Nigel has built a multi-million pound business empire from scratch, with five separate brands. This fascinating tale is a roller-coaster ride of what it takes to achieve real entrepreneurial success in 21st Century Britain.

The story is peppered with The Botty Rules — the simple but powerful lessons that Nigel has learned along the way, sometimes painfully, but which collectively are a complete blueprint for success for any business owner or entrepreneur who is serious about making it big in the new economy.

Nigel’s progress can be followed via Twitter @bottyrules

The book, which is ‘properly’ published on 1st February, is also available the traditional way — via Amazon and at all good bookstores!