By Marcus Leach

A £145 million boost to improve Britain’s e-infrastructure has been announced by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

This will drive growth and innovation across a range of sectors that rely heavily on computing including manufacturing, engineering and design. It will also provide industry with the latest technology and facilities, giving reassurance that Britain is a great place to do business and encouraging further private sector support.

“Significantly improving computing infrastructure is vital to driving growth and giving businesses the confidence to invest in the UK. It has the potential to significantly improve the design and manufacturing process, encouraging innovation across a whole range of sectors," Universities and Science Minister David Willetts said.

“The investment will also be of enormous benefit to our world-class research base. It will enable universities to carry out highly sophisticated research and archive more data, keeping us at the very leading edge of science.”

The following areas will benefit from the investment:

- Software development

- Computer power

- Data storage

- Wide bandwidth networks

- Cyber security and authentication

- People and skills

This builds on investment announced in the Budget for supercomputing facilities at Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus in Cheshire, putting it at the forefront of software research and development.

This draws on work being done Professor Dominic Tildesley from Unilever to identify priority areas for future investment in the UK’s computing infrastructure.

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