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The boost provided by the weak pound to the UK's tourism industry will start to wear off in 2018, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has warned.

In the short-term, the WTTC said it expects the industry to grow 3.6% this year following the EU referendum vote, above the global average of 3.1%.

Tourism has been pinpointed as an area that would flourish after the Brexit vote. With sterling at such a weak level against foreign currencies, particularly the US dollar and euro, it is now cheaper for tourists to travel to the UK and spend money here.

However, the boost to jobs will be lower than expected, the WTTC warned.

It said: "By 2020, we now expect that the UK travel and tourism sector will support 1.88 million direct jobs, which is approximately 75,000 fewer jobs than forecast in the annual update at the start of the year."

Earlier this month, travel researcher ForwardKeys said there had a been a sharp rise in the number of flight bookings to the UK after the country voted to leave the European Union.

But the latest report from the WTTC suggests the UK will only feel the overall benefit of this for another year or so.