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The government has denied that a note reported in the press this morning has anything whatsoever to do with its Brexit negotiations.

And let's hope it hasn't. Kids, or maybe toddlers after throwing rattles out of their pram, may think you can have your cake and it, but adults may have a different view.

The note, supposedly pertaining to Vice Chair of the Tories (International) Mark Field said: "What’s the model? Have your cake and eat it."

The notes suggests that the preferred option is a kind of a “Canada-plus” deal which took the best part of a decade to agree.

The note, which was carried by Julia Dockerill, Field’s chief of staff, seems to very much side with the hard Brexit, suggests a deal on manufacturing is doable, but agreeing a deal on services will be much harder, which frankly is about as obvious as you can get.

The note said: "We think it’s unlikely we’ll be offered single market.”

It also said: "Transitional – loath to do it. Whitehall will hold onto it. We need to bring an end to negotiations.."

Let's hope this was indeed some kind of rogue document, maybe even a tease, because if it reflects the government position, and negotiating stance, then frankly negotiations might as well be handled from kindergarten.