By Thomas Eason

Brandworkz, the specialist provider of brand management technology, is exhibiting at marketing conference TFM&A as The DAM Busters!

The company aims to bust the myth that DAM (Digital Asset Management) is all you need to manage your brand. Brandworkz has adapted the original 1954 film poster from the famous movie The Dam Busters to communicate the message ‘Digital Asset Management is not enough. Think total brand management’.

The company have taken this unusual and light-hearted approach in order to educate brand and marketing managers that they need total brand management to build their brands and businesses. Digital Asset Management is not enough because there are limitations to what a resource for simply storing and retrieving brand assets can achieve.

In order for brand assets in a Digital Asset Management system to be used meaningfully, additional tools are needed. Integrating Digital Asset Management functionality, with Guidelines & Positioning, Web-to-Print ( and Workflow & Approval delivers real return on investment by strengthening brand consistency, improving marketing efficiency and building brands.

To support the DAM Busters theme and drive traffic to the Brandworkz stand, members of the team will be dressed as World War II aviators in ‘Biggles’ costumes, complete with flying jacket, large moustache and pipe!

Jens Lundgaard, CEO of Brandworkz said “Exhibiting at an event like TFM&A is all about creating buzz around your product and ensuring a busy stand. By communicating the important message that brands need more than just DAM in a fun, theatrical and entertaining way, we hope to attract lots of marketing and brand managers as well as agencies to the stand for a chat.”

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