By Louise Findlay-Wilson, Creator of PrPro and owner of Energy PR

Keep Your Brand’s Promises

I have a guilty secret. I kind of love Charlie Sheen. This confession sounds really bad when I admit that I don’t much like his films and haven’t watched his TV series for which he earned ‘gazillions’ an episode. No, what I love is that ‘lives up to’ his brand’s promise. Let me explain what I mean.

Why I Love Charlie!

He is a renowned rebel, a drug taker, a womaniser, someone who knows how to party. So when the plug was pulled on his TV show because he called his bosses maggots, he went on TV and showed no contrition. He was simply and brilliantly bonkers. On air he revelled in the drugs-taking party life and was unashamedly and unrepentantly true to what he is. I would have been so disappointed if during his rounds of the TV stations he’d been humble, apologetic... it just wouldn’t have been him, it would have been fake.

What Can We Learn?

In my experience, the most successful companies, like Sheen, love what they do. They have a really clear idea of what they’re about, what they stand for, what rings true for them (and their customers) – and they deliver it, relentlessly.
For instance: When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 after a 12-year absence, Apple’s future was uncertain. He closed his presentation that year at Macworld in Boston with an observation that absolutely ‘got’ what Apple’s all about and set the tone for its resurgence. He said:

I think you have to think differently to buy an Apple computer. I think the people who do buy them do think differently. They are the creative spirits in this world. They are people who are not out to get a job done; they are out to change the world. And they are out to change the world using whatever great tools they can get. And we make tools for those kinds of people... A lot of times people think they’re crazy, but in that craziness we see genius.”

This comment provided much needed focus for the Apple organisation moving forwards – and since then it has done so in some style!

So while you gawp or laugh at Sheen’s drug-fuelled partying stop to think...

• Are you and your staff clear on what makes you special, what you’re for?

• Do you love what you do?

• Are you good at it?

• Do you unashamedly work hard to deliver it time after time?

Companies that get really clear about this won’t win an endless supply of drugs but will have something much more rewarding - genuine fans that LOVE them for being them. And when people love you – they buy from you.

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