By Marcus Leach

Boris Johnson, speaking at the Institute of Directors' Annual Conference, said that we are starting to see signs of an economic renaissance in the UK, something he felt his generation might never actually see.

In his usual affable manner Boris spoke of how, with seemingly endless nautical references, that the ship is off the rock and that we are on the right course. It was hardly surprising given his constant, almost unashamed, championing of London, that he said most of this is down to London, and the Olympics.

The Olympics, which we were reminded were a huge success, were the catalyst for 'Brand London' taking off in the world over the last year.

"This investment in London, and this London-based investment drive, is to the good of the whole UK," he said. "Why are regions such as Surrey, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire becoming leading regions not just in the UK but in Europe? Because London is the most competitive city and it has a knock on effect. We [London] are responsible for economic development across the country."

In his role of 'Defender of London' Boris highlighted everything that was good about the city at present, from Crossrail and the development of the Northern Line to the drop in crime and increase in jobs.

Behind all of his humour and obvious trumpet-blowing there was an underlying serious message to his talk, and that was London really is the economic heart of the country and we mist continue to drive the growth that we are witnessing, not just for London;s good but the good of the country.

"London is an asset to the whole of the EU and I believe that in the next 18 months the UK economy will start firing on all cylinders, so don't starve us of fuel," he concluded.

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