Google search on Fresh Business Thinking

As this post is being published on Fresh Business Thinking, I’ve searched ‘ SEO tips’ to bring up a list of relevant pages. This means I can now link to this fantastic article on Google Voice Search, which naturally complements my article as it’s on the same theme of optimising content, but from a new perspective that the audience (you) might find insightful.

If you look carefully, you’ll also notice ‘Past year’ is emboldened above the search results. When researching posts, it’s important to only discuss the most up-to-date information. You don’t want to sell your readers short by quoting facts and figures from five years ago. Again, this may sound obvious, but numerous businesses are seemingly carefree about the data they use to back up their arguments.

To negate the risk of discussing outdated info, you can refine Google searches by selecting ‘Tools’ > ‘Any time’ > ‘Past year’ (or selecting your own date range). You can also refine results by country, ensuring you only quote data relevant to your region (though this wouldn’t be applicable to the site: search).

Ultimately, your blog is your chance to establish your voice in the market, demonstrating your knowledge and underlining your authority. Following the tips outlined in this article can help you write content that truly adds value to the conversation, earning respect from peers and prospects, and helping you climb the SERPs.

Magnus Linklater is the founder of Bespoke Content Marketing, based in Bristol.