By Claire West

As voting begins today for Labour leader, Tony Woodley, Unite's joint general secretary urges voters to move on from New Labour to reconnect with working people and take on the ConDems.

Unite's, joint general secretary, Tony Woodley said: "No matter what Tony Blair says in his book, Britain lost faith in New Labour. The Iraq war is a stain on this nation, and New Labour pandered to the casino capitalists in the city. His memoirs show that it is time to move on and I hope Labour and Britain will do so with Ed Miliband, the candidate who offers a break from the past.

"Ed Miliband's loyalty is to Labour and to Britain. Labour lost the election not because middle England deserted New Labour but because New Labour deserted working people. Britain needs a Labour leader who is prepared to reconnect with working people because after the wreckage left by the ConDems, they will need a Prime Minister who is on their side."