By Claire West

Tony Blair's memoirs, published yesterday, back the Coalition Government's argument on cutting the deficit to get the economy moving.

Conservative Party Chairman Sayeeda Warsi said the Coalition Government is winning the argument - "now even Tony Blair has backed it".

"As he says in his book, taxpayers foot the bill if Governments don’t tackle deficits because a lack of confidence would stop the recovery in its tracks."

Warsi said that the memoirs revealed the full extent of the last Labour Government's failure. "They failed to tackle the deficit, they failed to reform welfare and they failed to reform the NHS. Labour knew they were spending too much before the financial crisis but failed to do anything about it".

She also went on to criticise Labour's attitude to the deficit post-election. "While the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have come together to deal with Labour’s legacy, all the Labour Party can do is fight amongst themselves", she said.

"Until Labour politicians can admit to the mess that they left the country in and come up with ideas about how to fix it, they will never be fit to run the country again."