By Marcus Leach

Blackfriars station in London, as part of of the Thameslink project, will have over 4,400 solar panels installed on the roof.

The 6,000 sq m of panels on the revamped station is expected to generate enough energy to meet half its electricity needs, and will span the river Thames.

In total the panels will cost £7.3 million, with the Thameslink project topping £5.5 billion in total.

"We're creating a spacious, modern station and delivering a vastly improved train service for passengers, while at the same time installing London's largest solar array to make Blackfriars more environmentally-friendly and sustainable," Lindsay Vamplew, project director for Network Rail, said.

"The Victorian rail bridge at Blackfriars is part of our railway history.

"Constructed in the age of steam, we're bringing it bang up to date with 21st century solar technology to create an iconic station for the city."

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