Join the conversation as we ask six Welsh entrepreneurs in the heart of Cardiff why Wales is a great place to do business. This week, we visit:

Charlotte Ridgwell, founder of Miss PatisserieKirsty Patrick, founder of Home By KirstyStephanie Roderick, founder of Renate

Charlotte Ridgewell said: "The people here are so friendly and lovely. It's [Cardiff] a really multicultural area. And there's a lot of opportunities for PR, social media, networking - so it's a fantastic place for little independent companies and shops to start up."

Kirsty Patrick said: "You've got lots of other like-minded people around - I think that a lot of people are quite enthusiastic and sharing about independent businesses. It's an up-and-coming place to be; it's not fully saturated and you've got space to let your business breathe and grow."

Stephanie Roderick said: "It's a very good starting point for any entrepreneur. You have really close links with London, and close links with other businesses in the community, as well. Moving into Morgan Arcade (in Cardiff), there's such a sense of community here - people really help each other, and I think that's the most important aspect in business, to connect with the right people."

The Entrepreneur Wales Awards is all about celebrating business and entrepreneurship in Wales, but why is that so important? We asked:

Emma-Kate Francis, founder of Emma-Kate JewelleryBob Douglas, co-founder of 31 The Store

Emma-Kate Francis said: "It's really hard when you are a small, independent business to get recognised. By entering different awards it gives you that recognition and gives you the ability to network with all types of businesses. It gives you that stepping stone, and gets you out of that comfort zone."

Bob Douglas said: "After going through a long recession and a lot of small businesses folding, it's now time to turn that around and give the market something that the High Street can't."

Interested in the Entrepreneur Wales Awards? You can find more information here.