By Marcus Leach

When Manchester United take on arch rivals Manchester City at Old Trafford on Sunday we may get an idea as to just what money can buy you in football - and it's not like City are short of it.

Ever since Sheikh Mansour of Abu Dhabi first took over at Manchester City they have been trying to buy their way to success. That ploy finally paid off last season when City won the FA Cup, but it is the Premier League they really want.

This year alone City have spent over £78 million on players, taking their spending since Sheikh Mansour's takeover to in excess of £460 million. And whilst they have ended their 35 year wait for a trophy it remains to be seen if they can buy sustained success.

In contrast Manchester United, whilst spending on players, have focused on developing a squad from within. This has seen them become the most successful side of the modern era in English football, and proves that money can't always buy sustained success - just ask Chelsea.

The season is still young, but despite this Sunday's match is being billed as a potential decider, so will it be United's youth or City's money that will win the day?

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