By David White, Managing Director, Weboptimiser

Tweeters are starting to find that the long arm of the law is reaching into the Twittersphere. It is more than as London's Metro newspaper put it: Tweet FA. Media Law expert Robin Thompson told Metro that laws covering issues such as libel were struggling to catch up.

Ryan Babel made a post that was supposed to be a joke, and even though Babel apologised immediately, the Football Association are going to take action which means that Babel could be banned.

Ryan Babel would not be the first to get into trouble over tweets. Tim Bresnan and Kevin Pietersen have both had to apologise for their online discretions.

Paul Chambers sent a tweet threatening to blow an airport sky high exactly a year ago and he landed a £3000 legal bill and a conviction as a result.

Courtney Love has had to take here account offline as she prepares to go to court to fight allegations she defamed a fashion designer.

Other infamous tweets include B_Mcadders calling @KerryKotana1 a certain pig faced mole.

@only_lilly_Allen tweeted @CourtneyLove 'A paranoid drug addles lunatic'

@TheKellyOsbourne tweeted @daniiMinogue 'is the devil'

@Lord_Alan_Sugar tweeted @KirstieAllsop is a 'lying cow'

plus godshots that are too numerous to recount.

The bottom line is you need to be ever more vigilant to make sure that your tweets are clean, in good taste and likely to come under scrutiny of libel lawyers.

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