Speaker: Phil Roach & Guy Waller

Date: 13/08/2020

Time: 2:00 PM (BST)

At Starling we speak to our business banking customers everyday, and we know when you’re a busy entrepreneur, dealing with everything from your finances to business development, planning for the future can be hard.

But the Covid-19 emergency has highlighted just how much financial vulnerability exists in the UK, and how fragile financial security can be for so many of us. That’s one reason we launched our new Business Toolkit, to help our self-employed customers get back on track; but it’s also why we’re integrated with Anorak, the smart income protection adviser, available to all our sole trader customers on the Marketplace. Anorak’s advice tool is there to help you work out what insurance is right for you, both now and for the future, so you can be sure you’re protecting your biggest asset: yourself.

In this webinar we’ll be talking about:

● Protection insurance – what is it and do you need it?

● How the Covid-19 emergency is affecting insurance –- should you wait to buy cover?

● How Starling and Anorak can help you as a small business owner

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