By Jonathan Davies

The bookmaker Betfair has already started to pay out on customers betting on a 'No' result in the Scottish independence referendum.

Betfair said it had paid out a "substantial six figure sum" despite the polls saying the result is too close to call, and voting not even having started yet.

"We've decided that 'no' is most likely to be the winning vote in 3 days' time, so we've put our money where our mouth is," Betfair said.

The bookmaker also said betting patterns mean there is a 79% chance of Scotland voting 'No' in tomorrow's (Thursday) referendum.

The early payout comes from Betfair's sportsbook operation - the more traditional form of betting where the company sets the odds. It doesn't apply to the online exchange where customers bet against each other.

William Hill estimates the betting industry will take bets worth around £10m, roughly the same as a high profile Premier League football match.

You can have your say on the Scottish independence referendum by voting in our polls. Do you think Scotland will go independent? And do you think Scotland should go independent?

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