Berry Brothers and Rudd is Britain's oldest wine and spirit merchant, which began operations in the 17th century.

Its flagship store has been located at 3 St. James's Street, London, United Kingdom since 1698 when it was founded by the Widow Bourne in London.

A supplier to the royal family since the reign of King George III, historic customers have included Lord Byron, William Pitt the Younger and the Aga Khan.

Berry Bros. sells wine from around the world, including Bordeaux and Burgundy wines en primeur, and providing wine storage services as well.

It also sells a number of wines and spirits under its own label, "Berry's Own Selection".

It created the Cutty Sark whisky, and created the vintage concept for The Glenrothes single malt Scotch whisky.

The Cutty Sark label was sold to The Ederington Group in 2009.

The first wine merchant to open an online wine shop in 1994, Berry Bros. & Rudd also has offices in Hong Kong, two wine schools and a fine dining venue in the cellars in St. James's Street.

In 2010 Berrys launched the first online fine wine trading platform 'BBX' (Berrys' Broking Exchange), which enables its customers to buy and sell wines that are stored in its bonded warehouses.

Source: Wikipedia