By Daniel Hunter

More Britons are setting up in businesses in their spare time and from their bedroom, according to a survey released by, the world’s largest marketplace for businesses.

There has been an increase of 34% of businesses setting up in their spare time in the last 12 months, and all of them revealed they did so because starting a business today is easier, saying that costs are lower thanks to being able to start up online.

The survey found the average cost of staring up a business online was just £325 if the business outsourced the cost of starting up via the internet.

The survey found that of those that started their business in their spare time:

- 56% started in their bedroom
- 23% in their kitchen
- 12% in their home office or study
- 9% started it in their garden shed

The reasons they thought was easier than ever include:

- 19% virtual trading online reduced costs of renting office space
- 18% cheaper technology skills
- 15% easier to sell products online
- 22% said they hired a freelancer to create an e-commerce site

This figure are backed up by own figures, which has seen a massive rise of more than 250% rise in the number of businesses registering on its site. figures also show a 64% rise in earnings from the businesses using the site in the last two months of 2013, compared with the same period of 2012.

The figures also reveal another rising trend that more than a third of those registering will set up their own business and start employing other people to work for them.

According to Matt Barrie, CEO of, it has never been a better time to start up on your own.

“The numbers of people staring their own small businesses is increasing because of technological advances that reduce set up costs and sites such as that provide thousands of jobs and clients in one marketplace,” he said.

“People are taking advantage of technological changes that make setting up on your own easier.

“What’s more, as these new businesses begin to grow they can access a network of skilled freelancers from around the world to support their business. Our latest figures show UK small businesses spending on freelancers from around the world has increased by 134% last year.”

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