By Business Breakthrough Coaching

Could 2011 spark a new career for you? Is it time to take a step back and look for new opportunities?

According to business coaches Business Breakthrough Coaching a new breed of executives are preparing to turn their back on corporate life and head in a different direction.

It's witnessing a surge in enquiries as experienced business professionals, burnt by three years of economic uncertainty, who are prepared to ditch the corporate nine to five in order to try something new.

The team believe the demand for the services of a business coach will only continue to grow as companies realise that in order for the economy to reset and to attain previous levels of growth, they will need to re-assess the way they operate.

They see this post recessionary period as a time of incredible opportunity if businesses and individuals are prepared to take a leap of faith and try something different.

Business coach Terry Murphy said: "Prior to what we all term as 'the credit crunch', we all worked for success and maximum return on investment. Now, with the economy going through a period of reset and financial institutions remaining cautious, businesses can no longer behave with a gung-ho attitude.

"Instead, they need to do things differently - and that means different thinking which leads to different actions leading to different results."

Terry believes that doesn't just apply to organisations but individuals too.

He continued: "Throughout the last two years, companies have needed to reduce cost considerably, leading to high earning, hugely experienced business people finding themselves unemployed or reassessing whether they want to carry on with the daily corporate challenge."

One such businessman who decided to set up as a coach is Isle of Man resident Clive Parrish.

After 30 years in banking and finance, Clive made the decision to leave his position as an area director for HSBC and look for an opportunity that would allow him to work for himself and utilise his business skills.

Clive said: "I'd been in banking since leaving school and was sponsored through university by Midland Bank. I'd had a great career in the sector but I felt ready for some new challenges.

"There were a number of opportunities back on the mainland but we were determined to remain on the island. It then became a question of creating the right role for me."

For five years Clive worked as a business advisor. Twelve months ago he began researching the various business coaching programmes available to enhance his offering.

He said: "There are many coaching products out there but the one that really fired my imagination was Business Breakthrough Coaching from Achievement Coaching International (ACI). I looked into it and was struck by the practical solutions it offered businesses."

Clive got in touch with the Achievement Coaching International team and two of the founding partners met with him to discuss working together.

He added: "When I met the team, I was struck by their passion. Here were two guys with a lot of business experience who still clearly loved what they were doing and who got a real buzz out of it."

Clive went ahead with the investment to become a Business Breakthrough Coach trading under his own company name CDP Associates. He then went through the intensive 10 days of training with the ACI partners.

Since then he's carved out his own niche providing business advice to a number of SMEs across diverse sectors of business. He also holds a number of non-exec directorships.

Terry Murphy from Achievement Coaching International said Clive was exactly the kind of coach his organisation looks for.

He said: "When we set up the company we knew it wouldn't work if we just sold licences to anyone who could afford them. Instead we're carefully building a network of coaches who are all highly experienced business people who want to do something different using all their accumulated experience and expertise.

"We filter candidates carefully to ensure they have the attributes needed to become top Business Breakthrough Coaches and who, like Clive, are totally focussed on delivering results for their clients."

Achievement Coaching International trains, accredits and supports its coaches to use the Business Breakthrough tools, processes and techniques from their work with over 15,000 people from more than 20 countries. These are unique and, when combined with the coach's own business experience, are proven to enable clients to achieve exceptional results for themselves, their people and their businesses.

He said: "Where we come in is when trying harder is no longer the answer.
It's about thinking differently and then trying different things.

"Time and time again we have seen that when coaching and coaching skills become part of leadership values and management behaviours, then quite startling improvements in business performance and resilience follows. This is because individuals, teams and organisations are enabled to make the learning breakthrough they need to discover how to thrive in whatever the future turns out to be."