By Max Clarke

Following months of public consultation, business secretary Vince Cable yesterday announced the scrapping of more than 160 regulations deemed burdensome, bureaucratic and unnecessary.

Responding to this initial move, as well as the promise of a continued focus on reducing regulation, the Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce has commented.

“Vince Cable is right that regulation is too often crippling small- and medium-sized businesses seeking to grow, and create jobs. There is no doubt that scrapping some of these specific regulations will have a positive effect on some firms in the retail sector.

“Through the [url=]Red Tape Challenge[/url, Ministers have acknowledged that reducing the burden of regulation on business is essential to supporting economic growth. But we question how these incremental changes will deliver real change on the ground at a time when the government is introducing more big ticket regulation, for example around parental leave and flexible working. If we’re to see real economic growth in the UK, deregulation can’t be derailed by new and costly laws.”

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