By Max Clarke

BBC news should better distinguish established fact from opinion, an independent review into the corporation’s reporting has ruled.

The review found BBC content "high quality…clear, accurate and impartial", though found that in an effort to air different sides on a debate, the corporation had often pandered to those whose opinions differed from the status quo.

The review also recommended the BBC must also enable greater collaboration between science programme makers across the corporation, as well as widening the pool of sources for stories by increasing contact with the scientific community. To achieve this, the BBC will recruit and appoint a Science Editor and will create a pan-BBC science forum to meet and share information bi-annually.

"Without in any way compromising journalistic rigour and scrutiny, the BBC must take extra care to be duly impartial when covering science so that the audience are clear about the difference between established facts and opinions,” said Alison Hastings, Chair of the Trust's Editorial Standards Committee, who led the review.

“The new Science Editor will join other editors to become a figurehead and an ambassador for their specialism, and the BBC will also look at making adjustments to its newsgathering and information sharing in order to further improve its coverage."

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