By Max Clarke

Thousands of BBC journalists began their 24 hour strike at midnight this morning in protest of compulsory redundancies.

72% of the BBC’s National Union of Journalists voted in favour of industrial action last month after union members were being dismissed, as others who intended to leave the corporation were being prevented from doing so.

“Union representatives have tried hard to resolve this serious dispute through negotiation,” said NUJ General Secretary, Michelle Stainstreet. “We have even agreed to use the ACAS conciliation service to try to find a way forward. But BBC senior management has shown no real interest in negotiations. It is hard to avoid the conclusion that BBC management wants thousands of its journalists to go on strike tomorrow, rather than settle the dispute.

BBC’s breakfast programme resumed a normal service, though BBC news 24 has been stripped back to its core, adding hourly updates instead of their continual news feed.

“By the deliberate BBC decision to provoke this strike action, journalists will lose a day’s pay and audiences will suffer for a dispute that is so easily avoidable. The BBC stance looks stubborn and provocative. It seems commonsense has been replaced by obstinacy,” continued Stainstreet.

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