Bayford & Co is a British petrol and oil distribution company founded in 1919 in Leeds, England. The Company has grown to a group with a Turnover of £335 million and profits of £2.0 million in 2006-07.

The Company was founded in Leeds by four survivors of the World War I who decided to pool their resources to establish a coal agents business. Whilst searching for a suitable title for their enterprise, they hit on the idea of using the name of the Hertfordshire village of Bayford where they had been demobilized at the end of the war. They were joined by Frederick Turner as an office junior. He eventually rise to become the Company Chairman and remained so until the 1970s. The Bayford company maintained a steady growth in the solid fuel business in the first period of its life - successfully weathering difficult periods such as the General Strike, World War II and the nationalisation of the coal industry. The firm then diversified into the petrol and oil distribution business as coal declined.

Source: Wikipedia