By Maximilian Clarke

Conservative Party co-Chairman Sayeeda Warsi has today backed the Government's plans to shed light on spending in the civil service.

As part of its transparency drive, the Government is publishing for the first time all spending over £500 on departmental Government Procurement Cards for April to August 2011.

The Party Chairman welcomed the fact that departmental spending on these cards was ten percent less than last year - saving £45 million of taxpayer's money. She said the Government's honesty about how it spends money will help tackle waste and inefficiency.

“For 13 years there wasn't any real transparency about what was going on,” said Baroness Warsi. “Now we're in Government we're doing things differently.

“We made £3.75 billion of savings in the first 10 months of Government alone.

“And today we will be announcing an extra £60 million of savings achieved by controlling spending and restricting civil servants' bonuses. But we're also doing something even more fundamental: we're publishing all big items of public spending online - so that you can judge how your money is spent.”

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