Image: Håkan Dahlström Image: Håkan Dahlström

Barclays chief executive Jes Staley has pledged that the bank has no plans to move jobs out of the UK following the vote to leave the European Union.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Staley said Barclays would "staying anchored in Great Britain".

Some banks have warned at jobs - around 1,000 in HBSC's case and 4,000 in JP Morgan's - could be moved to Europe following the news of a Brexit vote.

Mr Staley said: "Right now we are not making any plans to pick up and move people from one location to another."

"You might have to increase your presence in another location - that doesn't necessarily mean you have to decrease [at] your location here," he added.

Barclays was one of the company's hardest hit by the shock result of the EU referendum. Its share price plunged by almost a third last Friday as markets opened just hours after the result.

And while most major stock indices are already trading back where they were before the Brexit vote, Barclays has failed to pick up any momentum, with its share price still around 40 points lower.

But Jes Staley remains confident in the financial markets: "We saw the one of the biggest one day declines in global wealth in history and the financial system worked fine."